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The 5 AM

1 - 21 July • Online

21 day wake-up-athon designed to help you become early riser, with a daily 15-minute power packed zoom call at 5 AM.

India's most vibrant
5 AM Community

June Tracks

Aabra ka Dabra

Spree With Pri


Priyanka Pathak, an Art of Living Facilitator, is organizing a program called "SPREE WITH PRI" during the month of June from June 1st to June 21st.

The program is designed to help participants experience the top 10 benefits of Yoga, Meditation, and other practices that are supported by science.

Aabra ka Dabra

Psycho Smile

Psycho Smile
Embark on a captivating exploration of psychology with the insightful Psycho-Smile Track.

Learn Top 21 Psychology Framework to crack Happiness.

Immerse yourself in the profound frameworks crafted by renowned psychologists, unraveling the complexities of the human mind and empowering you to navigate life with greater clarity.

Discover a path to personal growth and join our extraordinary journey at

Registration closing: 31st May, 5pm.

Kabir ke Dohe

Ayurved अमृततुल्य

Ayurved अमृततुल्य
Dr. Pranita Joshi Deshmukh, an experienced Ayurved Vaidya.

Dr. Pranita is organizing a comprehensive program with practical activities and a customized kit.

The program will take place from June 1st to June 21st, and is designed to provide participants with a detailed understanding of Ayurved.

5amclub August Camp, Inner work with Ganesha

Guess The Upcoming Track

Guess The Track
We're thrilled to announce that "Track 4" is just around the corner! Keep an eye out for further updates. And here's an exciting challenge for you - try to guess what it's about! If your guess is correct, you'll receive a special reward. Send your guess via WhatsApp message to the following number: 919404405589

Hear From Inside

It is an amazing experience to be awake, before the world wakes up, to experience the silence, to feel connected with yourself and the world. It's great to be connected with amazing people on board, with whom you interact first thing in the morning and kickstart your day.

It's a worthy investment for yourself, if you want to enhance your life.

Pritam Potghan

Medical Student

Not only its a habit, with this club I get to witness so many creative ideas from people of different backgrounds and that in turn really motivates me to not give up.

All thanks to this club I now look forward to waking up early every single day..

Anu Prabhakar


Joining the 5AM club was the best decision that I took during this pandemic. It works as a keystone habit for me which is helping me develop other good habits like working out, eating right things and planning my day better as well.

The 15 minute call is an icing on cake which helps in starting my day with a good company and positive thoughts. 5AM Club Yo!

Paras Chhabra

Software Engineer

The club has awesome facilitators which made me not to miss a day in span of two and half months. Pleasant start of day with body focused movements, life enhancing mediations and appropriate music to accompany. Social networking group of the club has offered me valuable connections.

Vikrant Patil

Sustainable Lifestyle Practitioner

Connecting with Magical Personalities, Enjoying Surprises, Exchanging Blessings, Experiencing Unconditional Happiness...yess it seems like a dream...but believe me....we can live this dream in real at "5 am Club"



Spotlight Videos

Outstanding Review Video by Shaad

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How 5 AM is helping Poonam in her workout

Members of 5am club enjoying early morning sessions on meet

900+ inspired people and counting

Over 23 Sleep Theory Workshops and Bootcamps conducted till date

A track record of 690+ days of continuously waking up by 5 AM

More than 50,000+ motivating Good morning' notes rung so far

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The 5 AM Club Camp is specially designed for newbies. You will get complete guidance on how to instill the habit of being an early riser as part of the induction call, including information about the Sleep Theory too. In addition, there will also be a peer led group call support in case you find waking up very tough.

  • It is scientifically proven that if you can do anything for 21 days in a row, you are far more likely to form a habit. We want to ensure that members of this community are able to make early rising and healthy living a habit, hence each month's Camp is heald for 21 days.

  • Each session will be held live, and will last for 15 minutes long. Why 15 minutes? Because that's the time required to get one kickstarted for the day with positive energy!

  • Each session to desiged to kickstart your day on vibrant note, their will be facilitator who will be leading call, and vibrant community dicussions to peep up the start.
    Their are Multiple Themed Tracks every month, Check here

  • Yes. We use Razorpay as our secure payment gateway, which is PCI DSS and ISO:27001 compliant and 256-bit SSL encrypted

  • This powerful program is for GMT + 5:30 time zone across India. If you are from a different time zone, please do share your interest and we will communicate our program for you soon.

  • please do leave a message here on WhatsApp Or Email

Join hundreds of Early Risers who are taking charge of their Life.

"I was able to wake up from my first day, Now, every morning I kickstart my day with vibrant energy"
- Poonam Mandke

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Pranav Patil Happiness Coach svg blob

Pranav Patil

Lead Coach

Pranav Patil is a Happiness Coach. He is an academic topper, fitness lover, and a just for sake IIM grad, who relishes in spirituality. After working stints with Corporate giants, he now ventures on a journey to discover simpler ways to a happy fulfilling life. When alone, he likes to tinker on the piano.

Kirteeraj Malkar Tech Commando svg blob

Kirteeraj Malkar

Tech Commando

Kirteeraj Malkar is a Tech Geek with a passionate interest in Block-chain and the Crypto world. He has built, a decentralised peer to peer donation platform. When not working on Tech, he likes to play football and read motivational biographies and a variety of fun books.

Our Goa Office

5am club goa office

Our current Headquarter is Vasco Goa, a sea-facing house, where we plug ourselves fully into technology and hacks to create a place to make millions of people become part of

We believe in "Winters in Goa, Summers in the Himalayas", so our headquarter keeps changing.

Note: Entire (5 AM Club) runs online, all you need is a smart device to be a part of us.