It is important that you read and agree to all these terms and conditions before joining the 5 AM Club Bootcamp.

  1. The monthly Camp runs online from the 1-21 st of a month, wherein attendance is mandatory on all days, with the video camera to be kept on from 5:00 to 5:15 AM. You should log in at 4:55 AM in order to account for network connectivity issues. The late appearance on the call beyond 5:00 AM is treated as your being absent and hence is liable for a penalty payment. Like-wise failure to put on your video camera is also treated as your being absent.

  2. Every day of absence requires you to pay a standard penalty of Rs. 500/- immediately on the same day as soon as you wake up. If you delay in the payment of the penalty amount, you will be charged an additional payment of Rs. 500/- for every 12 hours of delay. In addition, if your penalty payments are not received by 9 PM on the day of your absence, you will be removed from the camp at that time on that day.

  3. It is mandatory for you to attend the Camp inauguration and Sleep Theory Workshop on 30th June from 8-9:30 pm. If you are unable to attend, you will be liable for the standard penalty amount and required to attend the repeat telecast. Failure to attend both sessions may result in your removal from the Camp

  4. Participants with any pending fines from previous camps must settle these fines in full prior to joining any new camp. Failure to clear outstanding fines will result in the suspension of registration rights for future events until such dues are settled.

  5. Kindly note that you are required to participate in the Camp processes including the sub-group wall, where every day you can strategize your wake-up with the assistance of your peers in the Camp. This is a support mechanism where you should take the initiative to draw all the help you need.

  6. You are expected to lend support to your peers and will be liable for the standard penalty amount if you fail in supporting them.

  7. You should conduct yourself in a decent and socially congenial way at all times.

  8. You should obey the Camp rules, some of which may be framed and communicated during the proceeds of the Camp to ensure smooth functioning.

  9. While in the Camp you are expected to be awake latest by 4:55 AM on all the days. In case there is a network failure you are expected to preserve and present screenshots taken at the same time from your phone (Proof of Wake-up - POW).

  10. Screenshot-based proofs are required to be posted on the camp group itself, and you may be granted penalty relief for a maximum of three times during 21 day period for reasons on account of network failure only. Further, anticipated network issues owing to travel should be intimated to all on the camp group latest by 9 PM on the previous day.

  11. You are expected to maintain good health and failure to wake up on account of health issues shall be treated like any other wake-up failure and shall be liable for the standard penalty payment. Likewise, ceremonial events, family emergencies, long tiring days, athletic events, submissions at college or office also do not qualify for waiver. In event of such episodes, we require you to take the penalty in good faith and stride towards a larger cause.

  12. In case of any inadvertent circumstances, you are expected to take the standard penalty in your stride in a good spirit.

  13. You should check the Camp WhatsApp group once in the morning and once in the night before going to sleep. You need access to Zoom, GMeet, Chrome, or a suitable browser with at least 3G internet connectivity to participate in the Camp processes.

  14. All fees, including the registration and penalty fees that are paid, are non-refundable and non-transferable.

  15. The decisions of the Camp Captain taken from time to time during the camp are final and binding on you.

  16. Your profile details, picture and contact numbers will be shared with your fellow campers. Likewise you will receive the profile details of all your fellow campers. Your review videos and testimonials bearing your name and picture may be used in compiling collaterals for the media or social media campaigns of the Club to inspire the early rising habit among others.

  17. You should keep the contact information received about your fellow campers for the purposes of this Camp and Club, private and confidential to yourself only, and should not share the same without their permission.

  18. The available tracks & themes of the Camp are subject to change and the's decision shall remain final on this.

  19. After the payment of the Camp fees, please ensure that you are added onto the Whatsapp group "5 AM CLUB: 1 - 21 July (24)", latest by 30th June, 8:00 - 9:00 pm, 3 You are expected to check the whatsapp group of the club, and the club wall at least once before going to sleep during the course of the camp.

  20. Users can apply for leaves by filling the Google form in the WhatsApp group's description before 9 PM if they do not want to attend the Zoom call on the next day and avoid being penalized. The leave application will only be considered if it is submitted before 9 PM and no leave will be granted after that time.

  21. Users who did not apply for POW or have filled Leave form and fail to attend the Zoom call will be penalized by the standard amount of the fine. The fine should be paid immediately on the same day.

  22. Golden Campers are those campers who have attended all 21 Zoom meetings without taking any leaves, POWs or paying any fines.
    Golden Campers will be awarded a special Golden Campers stamped digital certificate of completion at the end of the camp.

  23. Certified Campers are those campers who have attended at least 18 Zoom calls throughout the 21-day camp and do not have any unpaid fines. Certified Campers will be awarded a digital certificate of completion at the end of the camp. However, if they have unpaid fines, they will not be considered as Certified Campers.